Big Daddy is a popular online game show franchise created and hosted by Lachie Myall

How it Works Edit

Big Daddy is a Big Brother game hosted exclusively through Messenger and Kik.

It is based upon the television show Big Brother US/Canada and follows a similar format.The game follows a number of contestants, known as sack mates, compete against each other and battle it out for power in an attempt to evict each other until only one remains.

Season 1 was loosely based after BBUK with multiple nominees, late addition cast mates, formal warnings, and various twists. With the BB US/Canada format being introduced from season 2 onward.

Each day (minus Fridays and Saturdays) one of the sackmates is evicted by a house vote, once there is only two sack mates left all the evicted contestants form the jury and vote for the winner. Each season varies in length with season 17 lasting the longest with 31 full days, seasons 3,7,8,9,10 & 1,12,13,14,16,18 & 19 are the shortest all lasting 1 day.

Winners Edit

History Edit

The idea for the show came when winners Lachie Myall and Benjamin Jackson were reminiscing about their old group chats and the conversations that used to happen in them. Lachie found an old group chat where he kept adding and deleting loads of people randomly and picking who stayed, he said how it was like a game and how he wished there was something like it they could all play. Benj then suggested making a group chat and adding all of their friends before evicting them, after talking a little more they decided to base it off Big Brother and have everyone evict each other. Lachie became the host as he knew the show the best and could pull ideas from it. Season 1 started that same night and was initially called 'Don't Shoot The Messenger' but after a brief discussion Nadia suggested calling it Big Daddy. Season 1 was loosely based after BBUK with multiple nominees, late addition cast mates, formal warnings, and various twists. Whereas other seasons have been more based off BBUS and BBCAN, with Big daddy day 1 & 2 being heavily inspired by Rupaul's Drag Race.

Seasons Edit

Season Premiere Date Finale Date Winner
Big Daddy Season 1 January 18, 2016 February 2,2016 Nadia
Big Daddy Season 2 February 25,2016 March 13,2016 Harriet
Big Daddy Day March 30,2016 March 30,2016 Amelia
Big Daddy Season 4: Dynamic Duos June 9,2016 June 23,2016 Benj
Big Daddy Season 5: Seperate Sacks July 10,2016 July 25,2016 Jess
Big Daddy All-Stars (6) August 16,2016 August 28,2016 Lachie
Mini Papi (7) December 19,2016 December 19,2016 Alex
Big Daddy Birthday Battle (8) January 18,2017 January 18,2017 Noush
Big Daddy Day 2 (9) July 2,2017 July 2,2017 Zuleika
Big Daddy All-Stars 2 (10) August 20,2017 August 20,2017 Tess
Big Daddy Season 11: Halloween Spooktacular (11) October 30,2017 October 30,2017 Benj (2)
Big Daddy Season 12: Holislay December 18,2017 December 18,2017 Ellie
Big Drinking day (13) December 23,2017 December 23,2017 Lachie (2)
Big Daddy Birthday Battle 2: Underdogs (14) January 18,2018 January 18,2018 Eryn
Big Daddy Battle of the Champions (15) January 22,2018 January 24,2018 Lachie(3)
Big Daddy Season 16: Divide & Conquer April 22,2018 April 22,2018 Flo
Big Daddy Season 17: Virtual Mania October 15,2018 November 15,2018 Noush (2)
Big Daddy Day 3: Blood vs Water December 25,2018 December 25,2018 Sancha
Big Daddy Day 4: Blood vs Water 2 December 29,2018 December 29,2018 Bonny
Big Daddy Birthday Battle 3: Invasion of the Champions January 18,2019 January 18,2019